About Us - The Kartiana Story

The Kartiana Story

My name is Karen Jakab and I live in Sydney, Australia. I am the co-founder and director of Kartiana. The name is actually a combination between my daughter’s name Tiana and mine. I know, not very original, but we liked how Kartiana sounded, so we went with it.

I also run a fashion production management business called KJ Production House and I have spent my entire career in the fashion industry, mainly in production management roles. So, creating fashion brands is not new to me at all. I am surrounded by it every day, as I make dreams come true for my clients every year. So, this is the time for my daughters Tiana and my dreams to come true too.

My daughter and I started thinking about this fashion label back in 2017 because we wanted to do something that was special...together. The bond and relationship between a mother and daughter can be a complex one. Like all mothers and daughters, there are ups and downs. Thankfully, the relationship with my daughter Tiana is fantastic.

As they say, life is not about where you end up, it’s about the journey. Well, developing the Kartiana Activewear and Swimwear Collections has been long journey so far. In fact, it’s 6 years in the making. We have designed, sampled the products and re-designed and re-sampled all the range many times over to ensure that the end product for you as the consumer is of premium quality, breathable, washes well, fits well, looks luxurious and more importantly makes you feel amazing. Those friends and family members who have worn and tested all the garments absolutely love the look, feel and comfort that it provides. Let’s leave the reviews to you once you have worn garments from the Kartiana Collection.

The relationship I had with my mother was very special and over a decade ago, I lost her to Ovarian Cancer. It is a very aggressive cancer and it was an extremely sad time in my life. This new Australian owned, designed and manufactured fashion brand is in memory of my mum and the mother and daughter relationship that I had with her.

We finally launched the Kartiana brand in March 2023.

Kartiana has been created for both teens and adults. For EveryBODY. Sizes start from 6 and go up to 14 (some styles now come in sizes 16 and 18). We can make larger sizes upon request.

I hope that you join the Kartiana family soon.

Yours sincerely,


Karen and Tiana Jakab


Behind the scenes video of the Kartiana Australian Made Fashion Brand photo shoot - December 2023 with some new colours and products.