Top 10 must have Activewear pieces for your fitness wardrobe

Top 10 must have Activewear pieces for your fitness wardrobe

Building a well-rounded activewear wardrobe can help you stay comfortable, stylish, and motivated during your fitness activities. Here are ten must-have activewear pieces that can form the foundation of your fitness wardrobe:

Leggings: A good pair of leggings is essential for any workout. Look for leggings that offer a comfortable fit, moisture-wicking fabric, and a supportive waistband. Choose a length that suits your preference. Kartiana offers a 2 full length leggings options – one with a pocket and the other with a panel. Kartiana also offer a 3/4, bike short and a mini short legging as well as crop tops that you can either match up colours or mix-n-match.

Sports Bras: Invest in high-quality sports bras that provide adequate support and comfort for your level of activity. Look for features like adjustable straps, moisture-wicking fabric, and a supportive underband. Kartiana offer 2 styles. A gathered front and a strap back.

Workout Tops: Opt for workout tops that offer breathability and freedom of movement. Choose from tank tops, t-shirts, or long-sleeve tops, depending on your preferences and the climate you'll be exercising in.

Athletic Shorts: Athletic shorts are great for workouts that require more leg mobility or for warmer weather. Look for lightweight, moisture-wicking fabric with built-in briefs for added comfort and coverage. You could opt for the Kartiana Mini Shorts or even the bike shorts.

Athletic Shoes: Invest in a good pair of athletic shoes that are appropriate for your chosen activities. Consider factors such as cushioning, support, stability, and the specific needs of your feet. Different sports and activities may require different types of shoes, so choose accordingly.

Performance Socks: Don't overlook the importance of performance socks. Look for moisture-wicking, cushioned socks that offer arch support and reduce the risk of blisters. Choose socks that are suitable for the type of activity you'll be engaging in.

Sports Jackets or Hoodies: A lightweight sports jacket or hoodie is perfect for layering during outdoor workouts or for post-workout warmth. Look for breathable, moisture-wicking materials that provide both comfort and style.

Compression Gear: Consider adding compression gear to your wardrobe for enhanced performance and recovery. Compression leggings, sleeves, or socks can aid in muscle support, circulation, and reducing muscle fatigue.

Training Accessories: Include training accessories like a gym bag, water bottle, sweat towel, and headbands or hair ties to complete your activewear ensemble. These accessories are practical and can make your workout experience more enjoyable.

Versatile Activewear Sets: Consider investing in versatile activewear sets that can be mixed and matched to create various workout outfits. Look for sets that include leggings or shorts with matching tops or sports bras.

Remember, when building your activewear wardrobe, prioritize comfort, functionality, and quality. Choose fabrics that offer breathability, moisture-wicking properties, and durability. Additionally, select styles and colours that make you feel confident and motivated during your fitness journey. Kartiana offers a range of 8 different colour options across its collections.

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